A Daily Dose of Weird Music History

My interests in the quirky and trivial have inspired another blog: Weird Music History. Pop on over to my alter ego for a daily strange musical fact.  I’ve been doing this for my Facebook friends since October, and it’s been fun and educational.  Happy to share with the larger community.



7 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of Weird Music History

  1. This looks like fun! Any chance of adding a “subscribe by email” widget? I never use my wordpress reader, and those who aren’t on WP might like to subscribe as well.

    Also – for those of us who have decided to forego Facebook, it’s a delight to be invited to the party!

  2. Well there’s something. Looking forward to some weird facts… Anything odd about English composers for us? Something other than Elgar’s bicycling habits or Bax’s poetic Irish alter-ego? Thanks! 🙂

  3. You deserve a place on the Catalyst’s 100 list of people who make SLC a great place to live. Your Facebook posts have been a highlight of 2012 for me to say nothing of all your fine music making. Keep it up.

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